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Words of welcome from the initiators


Dear Internet users,


Welcome to the page of the "Monument Amicitia France-Canada"; future national monument in Canada dedicated to the Franco-Canadian friendship.

400 years of history closely link France and Canada, without any national monument highlighting this strong relationship between our two nations!


This is the incredible civic challenge we decided to take up in 2018. The task was immense and certainly a bit crazy... for the two citizens, very committed to the duty of memory, that we are.

Our pugnacity allowed us to rally an essential partner: the "Beechwood" Foundation of the National Cemetery of Canada, located in Ottawa. Convinced by the merits of our initiative, Beechwood has graciously granted us a parcel of land in December 2019 for the construction of this future monument. We cannot thank them enough for their unfailing support!

Faithful to our initial intentions of carrying out a collective project of committed citizens, our first action was to encourage all actors working for the Francophone cause to become actively involved.


Four associations in the National Capital Region of Canada (the Société nationale d'entraide de la Médaille militaire, the Union des français de l'étranger, Français du monde and the Décorés de la Légion d'honneur) joined forces to create the association "Monument Amicitia France-Canada".

From that moment on, an incredible dynamic was set in motion, bringing many partners to our side. Let's mention the George and Helen Vari Foundation, the Royal Chaplaincy of the Canadian Armed Forces, the Power Corporation, MCM Lettrage Enr, the Toronto French School, the eminent Canadian artist Charles Pachter, but also ordinary citizens for their exceptional generosity, the "Young IHEDN of Canada" and the French associations of Toronto (Français du monde, the Union des français de l'étranger, and the Fédération tricolore) for their incredible investment, the Souvenir français and the Association de l'Ordre national du mérite au Canada for their great support. The governments, as well as the French and Canadian elected officials have also been very involved in this project and we are very grateful to them.


You will have understood dear Internet users, the substance of this human adventure lies in the beautiful energy of the people involved and we like to think that this project will contribute modestly to consolidate this social link so precious and so fragile especially in this period of world health crisis.

This immense collective effort will allow the construction, next October, of the first national monument dedicated to the Franco-Canadian friendship that we owe it to ourselves to bring to life through the prism of education.


Be the actors of this intergenerational transmission!

This monument was created by you and for you!


André Levesque & Christophe Raisonnier

Initiators of the project

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