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To value the four centuries of common history and to generate a progressive

citizen movement of progress that will keep the France-Canada friendship

alive in the future and in universal and common values.


The monument has been erected at Beechwood National Cemetery in Ottawa, Canada's capital city, and is a reminder of our duty to remember, to educate and to engage as citizens. As a witness to the past, this monument reminds us of our duties of remembrance, education and civic engagement. As a memorial to the future, it encourages us to strengthen our friendship through cooperation between the two nations in many areas such as language, culture, science, technology, education, the arts, public affairs and democracy, in favor of humanistic progress in the Franco-Canadian fraternity that unites us.


*Education and Pedagogy*
A citizen's initiative based on mutual knowledge
to keep the France-Canada Friendship alive




The Amicitia monument is a beacon that should provoke reflection and citizen action for Peace, Freedom and the construction of a better world.

Together, we want to create friendly relations between young French and Canadian people from different socio-economic backgrounds, based on respect, the search for historical and cultural knowledge of the other, and understanding, a vector of respect and tolerance. This approach is an example for humanity. 

Amicitia is in the wake of progress that brings to life the ideals pursued by the Amicitia monuments in Ottawa, Vimy, and Juno Beach in France.


Methods and strategies

  • Develop a historical knowledge of the links/relationships/attachments/alliances... between the two countries.

  • Develop a better understanding of the cultures and values of both countries (including understanding the diversities of our languages and cultures - openness, critical thinking, enrichment).

  • Cooperate on bilateral projects in specifically chosen fields of action (fields in the circle diagram).

  • In the respect of commemorations, to encourage individual awareness and promote civic engagement.

  • Establish an online resource center that can provide individuals, teachers, and students alike with resources that meet their needs.

  • To allow any establishment, class, group, Amicitia circle, to elaborate its own project linked to the programs, taking into account the financial and resource needs (help, donations, grants, fundraising).

✴ Amicitia does not organize turnkey projects, but helps and supports initiatives by responding to requests, directing them 
    to available resources.

✴ Our approach is motivated by the genesis and appropriation of any educational or pedagogical project.


These themes are often linked to French or Canadian programs (curriculum) and can be the starting point for multi/multi-disciplinary activities. Useful pointers:

  • Establish correspondences (letter-e-mails), language exchanges, links,

  • Develop common projects (history, culture, languages, arts, etc.) linked to the past that will guide us towards the future of bilateral connections, 

  • Choose methods and approaches adapted to the project of the group concerned,

  • Facilitate visits/exchanges: find sponsors, partners, associations that could support the projects in each country (financing).

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