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Amicitia France-Canada announces the winners
of the 2021 Art Contest
"France-Canada Friendship: yesterday, today and tomorrow"

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Category: 14-15 years old

14-15 years old

14-15 years old

12-13 years old

10-11 years old



1st prize

Gabriella D.



2nd prize

Élise T.



3rd prize

Crystal Z.



1st prize

Pakinyendou Graciela B.


1st prize

Nyala J.

Screen Shot 2022-01-08 at 12.39.57 PM.png

Two TFS students receive their prizes for the Amiticia France-Canada 2021 Art Contest.

From left to right: Marie Spilka and Gérard Poupée (Amicitia), Chrystal (grade 10 student), Kathleen Hatchell (TFS Visual Arts Department Coordinator), Gabriella (grade 9 student), Norman Gaudet (TFS Head of School), Aurélie Lossouarn (TFS Director of Citizenship), Jean-Bastien Urfels (TFS High School Principal).

Screen Shot 2022-01-08 at 1.33.32 PM.png

Élise T. from Richmond Hill, ( Norval-Morrisseau High School ) wins 2nd prize in the 14-15 years old category.

Thanks to a generous donation from the Baxter&Alma Ricard Foundation to Amicitia for this contest, the winners received their prizes in the amount of $100 to $150.


In addition, Charles Pachter, eminent Canadian artist and president of the jury, invites them for a private visit of his studio in early 2022.


Amicitia congratulates all participants (each of whom received a certificate of participation) and invites them to participate in the 2022 contest, to publicize it in their schools, and to create an "Amicitia Circle" in their schools with the support of their teachers. 


To promote the France-Canada Friendship, Amicitia wants to involve all generations and to rely on the Youth to make this fraternity between the two countries live and amplify. This intergenerational approach is essential for the future.


Read the article from L’Express Toronto (available only in French) about the award ceremony at Toronto French School, as well as a report on the award to Élise T. from Norval-Morrisseau High School in Richmond-Hill.


The two Ottawa winners (Graciela and Nyala) received their diplomas and awards by mail.

To all of you, Amicitia expresses its warm thanks and deep gratitude to the Baxter&Alma Ricard Foundation for allowing us to offer awards for this contest.

For the Monument Amicitia France-Canada Association, the delegate for Education of the Association,

Gérard POUPEE.


Stay tuned for details for the 2022 Art Contest

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