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"France-Canada Friendship: yesterday, today and tomorrow"

Amicitia congratulates the winners in the Art Contest 2023

1st prize winner

 Aliona Tsiuilnokov, LFT

Category 11 years old


2nd prize

Julian Charon, TFS

Category 13 years old


2nd prize

Duncan Rose, LFT

Category 14 years old


4th prize

Salome Baertschiger, LFT

Category 14 years old


2nd prize

William Debane, LFT

Category 13 years old


3rd prize

Sarah Tahani, LFT

Category 14 years old


Award of distinction

Elias Kazemi, LFT

Category 13 years old

Honourable mention:  Emma Jiménez Couto

IMG_TFS concours remise 2023.jpg

Les lauréats du LFTTFS winners received their diplomas and prizes donated by Amicitia France-Canada for the 2023 art competition. From left to right, vice-principal Barbara Martin and art teacher Samuel Choisy.

Amicitia warmly congratulates the winners and participants and invites them and you to take part in the Art Contest 2024, to also make it known in their school and community, as well as to create in their school or association an educational project within the framework of the "Cercle Amicitia" with our support and that of their teachers ( see details in the Educational Space ).


In order to promote the France-Canada Friendship in all areas, Amicitia is keen to involve all generations and to draw on the strengths of young people to bring to life and amplify this unique fraternity between our two countries. This intergenerational approach and commitment are essential for the future.


Amicitia would like to extend its warmest thanks to all the members of the Grand Jury.

Grand Jury 

Its direction, its piloting and its presidency are ensured by Gérard POUPÉE, education delegate for Amicitia.


Phil is a Canadian artist and sculptor. He is the Dominion Sculptor of Canada, a position whose duties include the creation of original works of art in sculpture.


Rebeccah is a Toronto-based filmmaker, writer, visual artist and community organizer. The filmmaker has a strong and committed message: "We need to look out for each other and build a strong community together. The duty of empathy has never been more important. She adds, "Life is a constant challenge, but no matter what the circumstances, it is essential to stay motivated." Her films have been screened at TIFF, CBC and many other festivals across the country. She is interested in mental health issues, urban planning, art history and folktales.

  • Stéphanie NELSON,

Stephanie is a photographer committed to image education. A former performer, school teacher, trainer, lecturer and director of numerous exhibitions, each of her experiences is nourished by her appetite to explore and understand the world.

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