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"France-Canada Friendship: yesterday, today and tomorrow"

80 years ago, the Canadian Allies landed on D-Day at Juno Beach in France.


Imagine a "mural" project in poster form to express the memory, gratitude of the French people of all generations to honor their sacrifice their sacrifice in defense of freedom in Europe.

Our Goals
  • involve our young people in Canada and France in the life of Amicitia France-Canada, alongside all generations

  • engage citizens in the educational and cultural values we share

  • draw on our rich shared history (over 400 years), as a duty of remembrance and to enrich our mutual friendship

  • participate in the future construction of bi-lateral relations in all fields and through innovation: arts, culture, literature, science, music, sports...

  • keep our monument and its mission alive and thriving thanks to the rising generations in a spirit of solidarityfor fraternity, universal humanist progress and peace.

  • Create a poster celebrating the1st Anniversary of the Amicitia Monument France-Canada ( inaugurated in October 2022 )

  • Media: drawing, crayons, watercolours, gouaches, paint, fusain, pastel.

  • Do not make a collage with added images, photos or found materials.

  • Size : maximum A3 ( 297 X 420 mm), or 11 X 17 inches.

  • Deadline Septembre 1, 2024

  • See the Contest Rules and complete the Entry Form.

“This is a great opportunity to express artistically your feelings about the friendship between Canada and France”.

image IDEE.jpg

Drawing by Crystal Z.

Categories, prizes and donor

Our partner enables us to reward the winners of the competition.
Amicitia would like to express its gratitude to the Fondation Baxter & Alma Ricard

1st prize


2nd prize


3rd prize


4th prize



11 - 13 years




Honourable Mention


14- 16 years




Honourable Mention


17 - 19 years




Honourable Mention


Hors concours

Honourable Mention

Honourable Mention

Honourable Mention

Honourable Mention

Category Z:

Amateurs over 19 who would like to participate are welcome to do so. Such participants will not be entered in the contest. They will receive a certificate of participation. If selected in the top four, they will be rewarded a diploma with an honorable mention.

  • Participants must be aged between 11 and 19 for categories A, B and C. Category Z is reserved for non-competitors.

  • This contest is for amateurs only.

  • For this reason, a parent or legal guardian must consent to their participation in the contest by completing the form and confirming that he/she has read and accepts the contest rules on behalf of the entrant.The work submitted must be an original creation and not a reproduction of an existing image. Any creation including an element protected by copyright will be automatically disqualified.

  • Each entrant will receive a certificate of participation. Winners will receive award certificates, with the top three receiving a special prize for excellence. 

  • All drawings may be published by Amicitia, which retains ownership of the works submitted.

Deadline Septembre 1, 2024

Send your work with the completed entry form to:

Concours Amicitia Contest 

c/o TFS - Canada’s International School

318 Lawrence Avenue East

Toronto, ON - M4N 1T7

Results (mid-october)
  • Selected winners will be informed, and at the same time the results will be posted on the Amicitia website. 

  • Certificates and diplomas will be presented or delivered to winners. Results will be reported in social media and press.

In order to become more familiar with Amicitia, you are invited to visit:

Grand Jury 2024

Its direction, its piloting and its presidency are ensured by Gérard POUPÉE, education delegate for Amicitia.


Phil is a Canadian artist and sculptor. He is the Dominion Sculptor of Canada, a position whose duties include the creation of original works of art in sculpture.


Rebeccah is a Toronto-based filmmaker, writer, visual artist and community organizer. The filmmaker has a strong and committed message: "We need to look out for each other and build a strong community together. The duty of empathy has never been more important. She adds, "Life is a constant challenge, but no matter what the circumstances, it is essential to stay motivated." Her films have been screened at TIFF, CBC and many other festivals across the country. She is interested in mental health issues, urban planning, art history and folktales.

  • Stéphanie NELSON,

Stephanie is a photographer committed to image education. A former performer, school teacher, trainer, lecturer and director of numerous exhibitions, each of her experiences is nourished by her appetite to explore and understand the world.

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