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The timeless Amicitia France-Canada monument is intended to :

  • highlight the contributions and sacrifices of our elders, 

  • to value the bilateral relations and cooperation of our two countries, in our universal values as well as in the specific fields of culture, arts, education, science and technology, defense, trade, environment and our common struggle for democracy, peace, freedom and the inalienable rights of all human beings, in respect and tolerance. The foundations are those of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which were expanded to include specific standards for women, disabled people, and minority groups, who are now protected from discrimination that has long existed in the world, 

  • to invite citizens of all ages to engage in common actions in all fields, in the duty of remembrance and education to keep alive this unique Franco-Canadian fraternity-friendship that contributes to progress for a better world,

  • to support the actions of the French and Canadian governments in their bilateral relations and cooperation initiatives,

  • to promote the actions of the Ontario government, those of the inter-provincial and federal authorities within the framework of the France-Canada friendship, to strengthen the links of Amicitia with the Provinces and Territories of Canada in synergy with France,

  • to create a network of dynamic actors in youth with the participation of educational, social and cultural institutions in an intergenerational and inclusive spirit, to face the complex realities of our world, 

  • to inspire solidarity movements, charitable and civic actions to gather and unite our French-speaking and Francophile community, in celebrations of joy or sadness according to the moment, with the support of our followers.


Together, in the footsteps of our predecessors, we embark on this great adventure, another journey to bring Amicitia France-Canada, a fraternal friendship, to life.

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