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"France-Canada Friendship: yesterday, today and tomorrow"

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1st prize winner, $250: ELÃ H.

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1st prize winner, $250: EMMA G.

The two winners received their $250 prize, generously donated by the Baxter & Alma Ricard Foundation, and presented by Mr. Alain Landry, President of the Foundation, at the post-ceremony reception for the unveiling of the Amicitia Monument in Beechwood-Ottawa. Congratulations!

Amicitia congratulates the participants and invites them to participate in the Art Contest 2023, to make it known in their school and community, and to create in their school or association an educational project within the framework of the "Amicitia Circle" with our support and that of their teachers (see details in the Educational Space).

In order to promote the France-Canada Friendship in all domains, Amicitia wishes to involve all generations and to rely on the strengths of the youth to make live and amplify this unique Fraternity between our two countries. This intergenerational approach and commitment are essential for the future.

To all of you, Amicitia expresses its warm thanks to the members of the Grand Jury and its deep gratitude to the Baxter & Alma Ricard Foundation for its support and sponsorship.


The winners of the Amicitia 2022 art competition were recognized at the post-ceremony reception during the unveiling of the Amicitia France-Canada monument in Ottawa.

A nice ceremony was organized at the Toronto French School on December 20th, during which Rebeccah Love, filmmaker and member of the Grand Jury, presented each of them with their award: a cheque for $250 to Ela, 1st prize in category A and to Emma, 1st prize in category B.

Gérard Poupée, Amicitia's education delegate, congratulated and thanked the winners for their participation and commitment. The prizes awarded by Amicitia are made possible thanks to the sponsorship of the "Baxter and Alma Ricard" foundation which we thank for its generous support.

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La Fondation Baxter & Alma Ricard has allowed us to reward the winners of the 2022 contest with a sponsorship.


Amicitia would like to express its gratitude to the Baxter & Alma Ricard Foundation for its generosity and support.

Grand Jury 

Directed by Gérard POUPEE, delegate to Education for Amicitia.

The 2022 Jury was presided by Charles PACHTER, eminent Canadian artist.


  • Phil WHITE, the Dominion Sculptor

  • Rebeccah Love, Filmaker

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