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Unity is strength! Nothing could be truer for this beautiful project of the first monument dedicated to the Franco-Canadian friendship initiated by two citizens, French and Canadian, Christophe Raisonnier and André Levesque.

Sylvie Bragard, Yann-Alexandre Girard and Jacques Janson also espoused this noble cause to join the two co-initiators mentioned above. Four French associations from the National Capital Region joined forces to create the federal association "Monument Amicitia France-Canada" on August 17, 2020.

Founding members of the association Monument Amicitia France-Canada
Équipe AMICITIA.png
Operational actors

This monument embodies the will of a large group of French and Canadian citizens eager to seal their shared history in granite and to spark the commitment of future generations. It is with many people’s help and involvement that we can establish and expand innovative programs and activities designed to appeal and engage the young and young at heart. So far, there are more than 30 volunteers from all walks of life who have come forward to work as operational actors within a cross-section of teams located across Canada. These include an educational team, a communications team and a commemorations team, each composed of women and men who are willing to share their respective skills and experience in order to keep alive our unique fraternal Franco-Canadian friendship. The accompanying image provides a good outlook of who are our operational actors and what they do. Let us know by sending us an email if you are interested in supporting the Amicitia France-Canada team.

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2021-05-26 19.49 - Équipe Amicitia Team
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